Thursday 18th May –

Saturday 20th May 2017

Performance Festival.

Opening doors for artists.



In the heart of Sheffield, DINA opens its doors to UnShut festival; a brand new platform for artists to showcase their work in a professional environment outside of mainstream theatres.


Opening up opportunities for artists and audiences alike to come together for three days of live performance, professional workshops and stimulating discussions. This exciting new festival provides a welcoming space for exploration, growth and development with a strong intention of keeping arts and culture alive and creating a stronger, more sustainable arts community within the city and its surrounding areas.


Come on in, get involved and meet the team…



DINA is an independent social enterprise in the heart of Sheffield. Here to develop and forge creative work in the city, we are keen to work collaboratively, open to partnerships, events production and the generation of new work.


Get in touch @Dinavenue setting of the DINA venue.



Charlotte Blackburn

Charlotte is a performer and festival director based in Sheffield. She specialises in durational and storytelling performances using her personal experiences to illustrate her work.   She incorporates unconventional source material that other people might avoid as a tool to test the empathy level of an audience and allow her to access ideas from different angles and within different contexts. She first began directing festivals in 2014, creating ‘Northern Art’ - a one night performance festival.  Charlotte curated ten different Northern Art festivals at Theatre Delicatessen over two years.  She then felt that the next step was to create a three day performance festival that is accessible to all.  After many chats, drinks and meetings the UnShut team was born and is set to become an annual event in Sheffield.

Valentina Contarino

Valentina graduated from the University of Chichester in 2013 with a BA (Hons) in Dance. Since graduating she has been involved in community projects and has performed her own work nationally. In 2015 she co- founded ‘Zealous Collective’ debuting its first performance 'Remnants'. Her interests lie within exploring space and temporal mediums. Drawing inspiration from artists such as Antony Gormley. She enjoys making work that challenges audience perception and creates personal political performance. Valentina is a trained personal trainer and fitness instructor delivering fun and energetic classes around Sheffield.

Jessica Gibson

Jessica Gibson is a performance artist, choreographer and movement practitioner based in Sheffield, UK. Trained primarily in dance practices, Jessica has developed a strong cross-disciplinary approach to work and has collaborated on various projects that explore or focus on textiles, installation, theatre, puppetry, film and photography. When making her own performance work, Jessica’s current interests lie in exploring play and vulnerability as an opportunity to develop connection and find deeper understanding of self, others and the world around her. Facilitating playful and empowering workshops within the community and building connections through the arts is something Jessica is passionate about.

Stan Skinny

Poet, performer, attention seeker, clown, comedian, songsmith, word smith, blacksmith, fan of the Smiths and all round bad egg Stan Skinny has been entertaining people with his body and mouth since his trousers spilt in the school assembly and he let out a sigh from both ends. Nowadays he has developed his act to involve songs, poems, jokes, japes, impressions, dance routines, mime, raps, ecclesiastical chanting and yoga but the trouser splitting still gets the biggest laugh. He does this in a lot of different places, mainly places where other people congregate such as theatres, pubs, and festivals and has supported the likes of John Hegley, Simon Munnery and Paul Heaton.


He runs several events across Sheffield, including the Quizarama-rama game show, The Shipping forecast cabaret night, Club Wow Wow, and produces the ‘Creative Tuesdays’ series of events at DINA, which includes the Sheffield songwriters club, Daft Chuffs comedy night and Arkade film.


A busy body in the arts scene of Sheffield he also adds his wry input in the form of music  journalism for Nowthen magazine and missions for the creative revolution that will bring about the end of the monetary system in exchange for pithy one liners.


He was recently crowned the ‘Great Yorkshire Show off’ champion, and he’s now working on the national crown. His hobbies include having hobbies.

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