Thursday 18th May –

Saturday 20th May 2017

Performance Festival.

Opening doors for artists.



UnShut is looking for performance artists from all disciplines to participate in this exciting new festival of creativity and innovation in Sheffield, UK.


Musicians, performance artists, dancers, poets and creatives from all backgrounds are invited to showcase their work in an open and supportive environment. UnShut encourages work that seeks to challenge preconceived ideas of what performance art ‘should’ be and welcomes emerging and more established creatives looking to expand the boundaries of performance.


UnShut is committed to creating a space that allows for creativity to flourish, with an intention of unlocking creative potential for those concepts and ideas considered more ‘experimental’ or ‘radical’.


If you perform at UnShut festival you will receive:


  • Opportunity to perform at a festival
  • Free access to all performances
  • Free access to all workshops
  • Free access to all networking sessions
  • Exposure of your work and the opportunity to explore new ideas in front of a live audience
  • Shared feedback from other artists and audience members
  • Usage of UnShut photography and film documentation
  • Opportunity to earn cash via profit share of audience donations *
  • Contribution toward travel expenses for those travelling outside of Sheffield.
  • Some discounted food and drink at the festival
  • Accommodation with a local UnShut host (for those traveling outside of Sheffield)
  • A space to explore, develop, collaborate and challenge.
  • Free rehearsal space


What we are looking for?


We are looking for 30min -1 hour shows.


Smaller pieces will also be considered please state this in your application.


We are open to all genres of live artistic practice including theatre, dance, comedy and spoken word. The festival looks to encourage work that is thinking outside of the box or challenging conventional ideas of performance.




If you want to be a part of UnShut then please send the following information to by the deadline – 27th March 2017:


  1.  Name of Artists(s)/ Company
  2. A short bio – 100 words
  3. A description of the show that you wish to present -100 words
  4. Title and description of performance including duration and number of performers – 300words
  5. Promotional images for programme and website at 300dpi
  6. Main contact info
  7. Any specific requirements for the performance i.e. technical, space, audience positioning, props get in/out…
  8. Any links to previous works
  9. Specifications of any needs such as accommodation, or access.


*Unshut festival operates under a profit share scheme, the festival is free for people to attend but we are encouraging donations from audiences for performances. All proceeds will be split between all performers at the festival.



Unlocking creative
potential for those concepts and ideas considered more ‘experimental’ or ‘radical’.

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