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Company: Madeline Shann

Performance Title: Here’s looking at UKIP


Description: Here’s Looking at UKIP is a show about an identity crisis. Mine. Yours. Ours. It’s about what it means to be British, what it means to be a patriot, and what it means to be a small nation with a brutal past and an uncertain future.

Time: 4:45pm

Duration: 30 minutes



Performance Title: Producers Gathering


Bloody Mary's being served.

Time: 1:30pm

Duration: 2 hours


Company: Lauren Aimee Burch

Performance Title: The Conversation


Description: An hour-long, autobiographical, solo show exploring the topic of consent, most specifically the topic of sexual consent both in the positive and the negative.

Time: 3.30pm

Duration: 1 Hour


Company: Pink and grAy

Performance Title: Gill and Georgia Have Coffee


Description: Two old friends, Gill and Georgia meeting for coffee and a chat in a café. They arrive together, happy, smiling and looking forward to a chin wag. They order coffee, take a seat and so the performance begins. During the 30 minute performance, they forget the importance of conversation in maintaining their strong relationship. Technology seems to have a greater pull than each other.

Time: 7pm

Duration: 30 minutes


Company: Ali Wilson

Performance Title: Kate likes ‘Barefaced’ but I don’t like it


Time: 7:30pm

Duration: 30 minutes


Company/Performer: Liberty Hodes and Lauren Stone

Performance Title:  “A Comedy Night That Passes The Bechdel Test (On Holiday!)”.


Description: An hour of joyful, supportive, ridiculous alternative comedy made by women/ female-identifying/ non-binary performers. Based on the idea credited to cartoonist Alison Bechdel in the 1980’s, in order to pass the Bechdel Test, a film ought to feature a) at least two female characters who b) have a conversation with one another about c) something other than a man. We thought we’d apply that logic to booking comedians.

Time: 8:45pm

Duration: 1 hour






Company/Performer: Thick Richard

Performance Title: SWEAR SCHOOL.


Description: A fast-paced crash course in everything you wanted to know about bad language that school couldn’t teach you. Join the class of sinister puppets as punk poet Thick Richard looks at the history, definition and use of swearing in his darkly humorous, educational show. Very, VERY strong language throughout!


Thick Richard has been pedalling his potty-mouthed poems at festivals and clubs up and down the land for the last 16 years. His cynical, lyrical, jet-black humour, intelligent wordplay, well-crafted verse, and occasionally acerbic, well-targeted comic attacks have earned him much respect from artists and audiences from Edinburgh to Glastonbury. Occasional support for Kate Tempest, Thick Richard was also presenter of BBC 6 Music's Beat of the Day.

Time: 8:15pm

Duration: 30mins



Company/performer: Stan Skinny

Performance Title: Captain ‘The butcher’ Reality,
Wrestle poetry slam mania XI


Description: Captain the Butcher Reality returns to the ring after a 5 year absence, has it been all playboy models and dodgy films with talking speed boats or has he cultivated some new interests? Does he still have the passion for the sport of wrestling to regain his title? Find out as this 10 time heavy weight champion delivers a reality Check.


A poetry show with wrestling.

Caution may contain rhymes.


Please do not attempt to imitate any of the haikus, haikus are delivered by trained professions with years

of training.


Time: 10pm

Duration: 45 mins






Performance Title: Feldenkrais Workshop

Host: Marilla Holmes


Join singer, performer, movement specialist and Feldenkrais Practitioner Marilla Homes for a workshop on Feldenkrais and Performance. No experience of either necessary, just a sense of curiosity and openness to learn about your self through gentle movements and pattern exploration. Wear comfy (and warm) clothes and bring something to lie on.

Time: 11am

Duration: 1 Hour 45 mins


Company: Emmie Alderson

Performance Title: The Other Woman


Description: The Other Woman is a seductive, sensual yet sinister figure - a show that celebrates the female starlets that haunt the silver screen. The show invites you to succumb to the glare of the camera, to submit to the seduction of her gaze, to partake in her obsessive pursuit to be the other woman. The performance pulls you into the fantasy of a film noir thriller through clichéd storylines, miniature murder scenes and a disturbing soundtrack.  It engages the audience with an unreal fiction that is moulded together from fantasy and film. A performance that plays to our obsessions, fantasies, desires with the moving image.

Time: 5.45pm

Duration: 30 mins


Company: Ethical Productions

Title: Cruel Creatures


Description: Ethical Productions explores controversial topics which challenge audiences perception. 'Cruel creatures' delves into the animal agricultural industry exploring the truth of the dairy industry and all that comes with it.

Time: 6.30pm

Duration: 30 mins




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