Thursday 18th May –

Saturday 20th May 2017

Performance Festival.

Opening doors for artists.





Networking Event
Host: Heather Morgan


An informal networking session for Sheffield based artists that uses drama exercises to break down barriers, stimulate discussion and encourage sharing Heather is a theatre maker and facilitator based on Sheffield. She has been running a monthly networking night for artists in Sheffield since 2014 and an online forum alongside this which now has over 300 members. Alongside this Heather has training in socio drama and uses these methods to bring people together to explore often difficult social situations they might face and ways of dealing with these.

Duration: 2 hours

Time: 12pm



Company/performer: Forest Sounds

Performance Title: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Comedy Writers Workshop


Come along and meet other comedy writers for a chat. Bring along material if you wish to workshop anything this is followed by the open mic.

Time: 10-12pm

Duration: 2 Hour



Women’s Comedy Workshop

Time: 10-12pm

Duration: 2 Hour



Company/performer: Katie Pritchard

Performance Title:  Hurricane Katie


Description: Like the most memorable of UK gales, Katie Pritchard is blowing over the patio furniture of comedy, partially damaging the garden fence of genre and dropping a large, sturdy branch onto the car bonnet of musicality. For Katie specialises in all things Comedy Carnage, a term of her own (and in no way self-important) devising. To extend a metaphor already stretched to its limit, like all the best weather-based wind events, Comedy Carnage sweeps up a lot of stuff and hurls it together in one beautiful whirlwind of chaos. In this instance that chaos is jokes, music, poems, dancing, and facts, rather than an actual literal whirlwind of cows, patio umbrellas, bill-boards and roofing materials, which would be terrifying for her audience, but is co-incidentally the name of her next show.

Time: 2:00pm

Duration: 1 hour


Company/performer: Paul McGarrity

Performance title:  Ask an Archaeologist


Description: The ‘Ask an Archaeologist’ show does exactly what it says in the title.  An Archaeologist (Paul) sits in a room with an audience and answers their questions. Most audiences tend to ask about life in the field, but other questions have been about Brexit, time travel and knitting patterns.


Woven around these queries Paul dishes the dirt on what it’s really like down in the trenches. Topics covered include the dating techniques of Vikings, the awkward truth behind the death of Richard III and Shakespeare’s laddish side.

Time: 3:15pm

Duration: 1 hour


Company/performer: Chris Coltrane

Performance Title: Make Love and Smash Fascism


Description: The entire world really has turned to garbage. Well, lucky for society then that Chris Coltrane has the solution to LITERALLY all the world's problems, with his 6th solo comedy show: Make Love and Smash Fascism!


In his new stand-up special, comedian and activist Coltrane makes the case for optimism in a world filled with hate. He defends refugees, calls out Theresa May's lies, and defends social justice using the most powerful and deadly weapon known to humanity: punchlines. Plus of course, there'll be more stories of protest and activism to fill you with hope that a better world really is possible, despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary.

Time: 4:30pm

Duration: 1 hour


Company/performer: Scott Liversidge

Performance Title: Doctor Clever boy


Description: "Doctor Clever Boy is a 45 minute Stand Up Comedy show that throws the easily confused comedian Scott Liversidge into a time travel saga to save the human race from complete destruction.


Scott just wants to finish his show, but the pressure of saving the future from extinction is a a burden that makes performing comedy increasingly difficult.


Without much direction on how to save the future, he gets a tip off that if finds somebody known only as Doctor Clever Boy, the lives of exactly 7 billion people could be saved".

Time: 5:45pm

Duration: 45mins


Company/Performer: Sam Gore

Performance title: I see you


Description: The deranged mind behind Facebook's confusingly popular I See You stories brings the horror and the laughs to life. Multi-award winning comedian Sam Gore looks at politics and pop culture through a lens weirder than Michael Gove's clapping. There will be blood.

Time: 7pm

Duration: 1 hour


Company/Performer: Rob Mullholland

Performance title: Popular comedian


Description: Winner of several legitimate awards attempts to produce a spectacular £12k debut for £12. A one-man, razzle-dazzle fight-back against the middle-class blanding of the arts, including a plan to trick the Arts Council into funding a comedy show by pretending it's a play about tricking the Arts Council into funding a comedy show by pretending it's a play. A howl of working-class fury through the medium of sharply crafted stand-up about yoghurt. Hilarious, bold and at turns painfully honest, boundry-pushing and wilfully absurd; 'Popular Comedian Rob Mulholland' is a uniquely coruscating debut hour from an authentic voice.

Time: 8.15pm

Duration: 1 hour



Company/Performer:  Club WOW WOW


Club WOW WOW presents an hour of cabaret variety of music, burlesque, poetry, comedy and weirdness. plus photo attached.


Time: 9:30pm

Duration: 1 hour










Company/performer: Jodean Sumner

Performance Title: Chamber Mades


Description: For one audience member at a time and lasts thirty minutes. Attended by three performers, the audience is led through a series of ‘rooms’ within Queen Elizabeth I’s home. The audience member begins as an observer to a series of activities in these rooms and becomes increasingly implicated in them until they themselves are the Queen.

Time: 12:30pm

Duration: 30 mins – 1 to 1 performance



Company/performer: Leeds Beckett


Time: 4:15pm

Duration: 45 mins



Company: Philip Bedwell

Performance Title: Consumption


Description: "Fake news" and media oversaturation. Expectation, perception and reality. Energy shifts and states change, but what is left behind?"

Time: 5:30pm

Duration: 1 hour



Company/Performer: Filth

Perfroamnce Title: A Women in Search


So the show is called A Woman in Search. It's roughly 30 minutes. The two lines can be...


Every night there is a battle between actress and character. Every night both meet in a stormy space that exists only for the next thirty minutes. This performance is intoxicated with resentment, poison and self deprication.

Time: 7:45pm


Company: British Intervention

Performance Name: The Age of Consequence


Description: 2017. Broken Brexit Britian. 4 performance artists from England examine how we ended up in such a desolate state.


Time: 9.15pm

Duration: 1 hour


Performer: Xania


Description: Xania is an award-winning tap-dancing performer from Montreal. She fuses chunky hip-hop beats with cabaret-style showmanship, electronic synth-pop hooks and live projections. Armed with bubbles, confetti and diamond-encrusted tap-shoes, Xania’s live shows are interactive, engaging and guaranteed to make you get down.

Time: 11pm

Duration: 30 mins









Company: Charlotte Callis

Performance Name: Fuck Eros. The Feast of Becoming.


Description:  PRICE OF ADMITTANCE: 1p  At the core of every human lies the other, the untamed beast within. An anomalous creature we detain for fear of it ever escaping; for how might one be perceived if the unabashed other was liberated? For one evening only, within a space of temporary liberation, witness the perverse freak divulge those repressed and private subjects that derive from the other to the public through the process of becoming: by transcoding that other from the transcendental realm to the flesh.

Time: 4pm

Duration: 1 hour


Company: Grace Darbs & Louise Delmege

Performance Title: Richards I Knew


Description: A two woman show that invites its audience to take an unflinching look at the strange nature of fleeting connection, exploring one night stands, first loves and bizarre bumble dates. If you are willing to participate just a little bit, please take a green badge at the beginning of the show.

Time: 3.00pm

Duration: 40 mins


Company: Paul Michael Henry

Performance Title: Laughter Being Crushed


Description: Laughter at Being Crushed is a ritual performance based on the poetry of Sufi mystic Jalaluddin Rumi. It’s inspired by the cry of a chickpea to the cook in one of Rumi’s poems: 

“Why are you doing this to me?” And the cook’s answer: 

“You think I’m torturing you But I’m giving you flavour...”What does this mean? Are we here on Earth to have everything stripped of us but love?

Time: 6:45pm

Duration: 30 mins




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